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Our new valentine’s day couple ring collection for your loved ones.

Couple ring collection

Whether you’re engaged, newlyweds, or long-time partners, the enormous symbolic power of a ring is something worth considering before making your purchase. The symbolism of exchanging rings goes back to ancient Greece and Rome. In ancient Rome, a bride-to-be would wear a gold band two or three fingers wide on her right hand as part of the betrothal ceremony. She would then wear it on her left hand after she wed. Our couple ring collection is the best Valentine’s gift for your loved ones. 

Why couple rings are considered so pious

In Greece, couples wore matching bands with the groom wearing his on his right ring finger and the bride wearing hers second from the thumb at first and moving it to her left ring finger after she wed. Over time, rings became signifiers of power and fertility. Ring symbols have ranged from simple gold bands to intricate gem clusters worn on fingers. Today, couples wear them as decorative accessories, but the symbol’s true significance is largely lost and we use it for status rather than a commitment to save for a lifetime.

The notion of couple rings

The most popular ring symbolizes marriage and is the one that we all know best: the engagement ring. Essentially a gold band is worn on the left hand during pre-wedding ceremonies or during the marriage, an engagement ring became customary during medieval times as a way of sealing an agreement between two people. The ring presided over the commitment, representing the way that two people would look at each other, the amount of love and respect they held for each other in their hearts, and a promise to always be with each other no matter what life threw at them.

Here are a few hot selling couple rings from The Colorful Aura

Silver Couple Moon and Sun Promise Ring set

This is a couple of rings with a minimal vibe making this a sturdy and substantial ring. The shiny finish and minimal style make it a must-have to complete any fashionable look. Shine bright whenever you wear it.

Silver Couple Promise Band Ring set

This zircon couple ring set oozes out all the minimalistic vibes it has. If you and your partner love anything that’s simple yet eye captivating, this beauty is your pick.

Silver Couple Promise Braid Ring set

Get this beauty for you and your loved one. Mark your love for the world with this beautiful silver couple promise braid ring set.

Silver Couple Promise Eternity Ring set

Love is for eternity and hence this is your reminder to get an exclusive silver couple promise eternity ring set for your beau.

Stainless Steel Couple Golden Band Promise Ring set

This ring comes with a surface width of 6mm for males and 4mm for female rings.

Made of Stainless Steel and is perfect for your everyday wear.



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