The Colours of Ecommerce 04 - RakshaBandhan Special

The Colours of Ecommerce 04 - RakshaBandhan Special


Welcome back to "Colors of E-Commerce" with your host, Ujjwal, the marketing and tech head of The Colourful Aura's online jewellery business. Today's podcast takes a different turn as we delve into a personal and heartwarming story behind our brand and its connection to the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan - A Festival of Love and Protection

Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rahi, is a cherished Hindu festival celebrated predominantly in India, but its significance is embraced by Asians worldwide. At its core, Raksha Bandhan revolves around the bond between siblings, especially the love between brothers and sisters. Also Read: When is Rakshabandhan in 2023

On this particular day, sisters tie a Rakhi, a beautiful bracelet often handmade using threads and adorned with sparkling stones, around their brother's wrists. It symbolizes love, respect, and the brother's promise to protect his sister.

A Serendipitous Encounter with Etsy

Our journey with Raksha Bandhan and its significance for The Colorful Aura began in 2020, during the challenging times of the pandemic. Being recently married and confined to a small apartment in London, we sought to celebrate the festival with our loved ones. 

However, the restrictions limited us from visiting the post office to send traditional Rakhis. While searching for alternatives online, we stumbled upon Etsy, a well-known platform for handmade and personalised items.

The Birth of The Colorful Aura

Etsy introduced us to creative individuals, including non-working housewives looking to support their families during the pandemic. Inspired by their handmade Rakhis, an idea sparked in us. 

Rashi, the owner of The Colorful Aura, is a creative soul passionate about handicrafts. We decided to create and sell Rakhis ourselves, not realising where this venture would lead.

The Humble Beginnings

With a touch of creativity and a dash of optimism, we crafted seven simple but beautiful Rakhis. We set up our shop on Etsy, naming it The Colorful Aura, inspired by Rashi's love for vibrant colours and her background as a Feng Shui and Vastu consultant. 

Excitement and joy filled our hearts when we received our first order. From that moment, we knew we had stumbled upon something remarkable.

From Hobby to Passion

As the Rakhi orders poured in, we realised the potential of our little venture. Rashi's creativity expanded, and we added more handcrafted items to our Etsy store. 

The overwhelming response reinforced our belief that this endeavour had a promising future.

Giving Back and Charity

We decided to give back to society to commemorate the beginning of The Colorful Aura and Raksha Bandhan's significance in our lives. 

Every year, during the Rakhi month, we donate a percentage of our profits to charities and those in need. It's our way of spreading love and positivity, mirroring the essence of Raksha Bandhan.

Handmade with Love

Our commitment to maintaining the true spirit of Rakhi led us to ensure that all Rakhis sold by The Colorful Aura are handmade with love. The bond between the creator and the receiver enhances the sacredness of this festival, no matter how far the Rakhi travels.

The Colorful Aura Today

As we celebrate Raksha Bandhan each year, we remember the humble beginnings of The Colorful Aura and how this festival ignited our passion for creativity and compassion. 

Today, our website offers many exquisitely handmade Rakhis and other beautiful products. From traditional designs to contemporary creations, there's a Rakhi for everyone at The Colorful Aura.

Join Us in Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

As the Rakhi season approaches this year, we invite you to explore our website and discover our unique collection of Rakhis. Each purchase celebrates the bond between siblings and supports our charity initiatives. 

We also extend our gratitude to our followers on Instagram and Facebook, where we showcase new collections and share our journey.


Thank you for joining us on this special episode of "Colors of E-Commerce." The Colorful Aura's story exemplifies the power of love, creativity, and compassion. As we grow and expand, our commitment to handmade craftsmanship and charity remains at our core. 

Let's celebrate Raksha Bandhan together and embrace the bond of protection and love that transcends borders and cultures.