anklets your new obsession

Make anklets your new obsession this Halloween.

Make anklets your new obsession this Halloween. Although anklets can be worn all year round, it is undeniable that during the Halloween season the popularity of anklets gets into full swing. Anklets are worn by men and women alike, so they’re not just for female fashionistas.

Anklets are the ultimate show stopper.

1) "Black Bead evil eye anklet"

The thin ankle chain with beads is like a fine wine- it gets better and better. This type of anklet has been all over the runway in recent seasons; it's not hard to see why. The charms really bring this anklet to life, so it is perfect for those who like to show off a little flash and charisma. Market is now flooded with adjustable chains, perfect if you like to mix and match your outfits.

2) "Blue evil eye anklet"

The Blue evil eye anklet chain features beautiful evil eye charms that accent the links. Pretty details like this make this anklet stand out from the crowd, making it a must-have accessory for any fashionista out there! It fits both men and women, so don't be afraid to make a bold statement with this type of anklet. It's also adjustable to fit most ankles comfortably.

3) "Golden evil eye cross anklet"

The Golden evil eye cross anklet chain features shiny gold links that shine bright and resilient against the black background. The detailed stripes on the sides are the uniqueness of this type of anklet.

4) "Dainty Evil eye anklet"

The Dainty Evil eye anklet chain is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on those around you! As aforementioned many anklets come with an adjustable clasp between the links so you can adjust the size of the anklet to fit most ankles comfortably.

5) "Multicolor evil eye anklet. "

The Multicolor evil eye anklet. anklets look just fine with anything you wear. With the multicolor anklets you don't need to stress about how to color coordinate them with your outfit as they themselves look adorable irrespective of your outfit color. The vintage style of this piece makes it timeless and is great for people who love anything that is multicolored.

Gift yourself an anklet this Halloween.

Fashion trends are ever-changing and you must be wondering if anklets are still in trend today. Ask when they are out. It may be hard to often stay in the ever-changing fashion trends but anklets are something that will never be out of fashion. At The Colourful Aura, we bring to you an exclusive range of anklets for every occasion. With a minimalistic design and boho-style look anklets at The Colourful Aura are worth drooling over be it The Black Bead evil eye anklet, Blue evil eye anklet, Dainty Evil eye anklet, Golden evil eye cross anklet or the Multicolor evil eye anklet. No matter which anklet you choose, each of them is an absolute charm to your Halloween look.