What wrist to wear watch

What wrist to wear watch

Which wrist is optimal to wear a watch on?' is a typical query. Let's talk about the correct response. We'll also discuss the relevant facts, findings, and reasoning. It is a very familiar and obvious fact that the LEFT wrist is the ideal wrist to wear a watch. 

One should wear the watch on the wrist of our non-dominant hand rather than the dominant one. It has become a rule of thumb over the decades. Now what is the dominant and non-dominant hand? 

Quite simple! The dominant hand is the one which we prefer over the other. It refers to the preference for one hand over the other regarding pleasing and gross motor skills. Writing, cutting, catching and tossing a ball or using a needle in significant activities of the day are all examples of this. 95% of humans are right-handed, whereas only 5% are left-handed. Thus, making the right hand to be the dominant one in the majority of the cases. 

For several years, humans have followed the custom of wearing wristwatches on the left hand. However, there was no hard and fast rule for doing so. However, wearing the wristwatch on the left wrist seemed necessary to make it more convenient.


Now let's have a look at the emergence of the wristwatches. You might be wondering how emergence that too in wristwatches is possible. Let us find the same.


Patek Philippe manufactured The first wristwatch for Countess 'Koscowicz' of Hungary in 1868. He was a Swiss watch manufacturer. The watch was a crude one with a lot of limitations. But at that time, it was no less than a miracle invention. It was simple and raw yet very astonishing at that time.


Many inventions and advancements gradually appeared on the scene. We now have a wide range of wristwatches. These days, digital and smart watches are available on the market. This is how evolution happened. 

The first wristwatch was pretty primitive but has since been transformed into the current one. In nature, this modern wristwatch is incredibly ideal and usable. Stylish wristwatches give us a distinct and eye-catching appearance. 

They have also become an integral part of our daily lives. Even we don't know how often we stare at the face of our watch in a day. As a result, nothing is incorrect in suggesting that wristwatches are now a part of our bodies.


Wristwatches constitute a significant part when it comes to fashion for men. A wide range of wristwatches for men are available in today's time. If we are talking about the ideal hand on which men should wear the wristwatch. The answer will be the 'LEFT HAND'. The left wrist is suitable for wearing the watch for men. 

The first reason is the it is the right way to wear a wristwatch. Therefore, A man must wear the watch ideally on the left side to look decent and gentle. Looking fashionable includes looking decent with a catchy personality. Besides this, beautiful, high-quality articles also become part of your dressing sense. To look stylish and classy, one must ensure he is wearing a top-quality wristwatch. 

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